Al least for most people. This is way too I woke up last night in the middle of the night and had quite a nostalgic dream about tons of friends from VHS from when I was there from '86 to '90. We had fun in school, I miss those good ol days...Taco Bell, Mickey D's, ditching in the auditorium, Valley Villa...that was the bomb! The eskimo was the bomb, especially their fries. 1 lives in Pennsylvania But Ranier Lopez's studio is in the Santa Ana Lofts.Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo attended Valley I'm told. hey wats up i graduated in 2002 and the only thing i remember is the krew MAR going at it mostly all the time with a bunch of people.they were pretty down, I went to valley high for two years I moved went i start my junior year. In addition, there are lots of photos that have been posted by classmates, including many from our very successful 50th Reunion weekend. Steve sounds to me like you are disgruntled about your child hood. Weiner, My dad was transferred from Great Lakes, Ill to El Toro USMC, Ca in the early summer of 1955. Yeah, I knew Juice. Class of 1966. My teachers Mr. Murphy who made sure we were paying attention all the time, Mr. Obierruter a.k.a Obie, he was the best, I will never forget all those wonderfull yet troubleing moments at VHS, wishing the best of luck for 'CLASS OF 2007 you guy 'ROCK'. I went to Edison Elementary and Lathrop Jr High before Valley High. Class of 1971. var url = ''; sad man...... get a life people, more to life then the old hood. HSI is a pilot program of national importance. It was a rough school but it made me stronger. Does that still exist? [email protected] OK, it looks like I go back farther than anyone else here: graduated in 1963 after three full years at Valley. I'd just pull up my '65 Mustang to the north parking space, fix my collar, wink into my rearview mirror and get my education. shout out to everyone that knows me.Liz!!! Santa Barbara Earl Warren Showgrounds March 7, 1969 San Jose: James Lick High School: March 8, 1969 Fremont: Washington High School: March 12, 1969 San Francisco Avalon Ballroom: March 14, 1969 San Jose Santa Clara County Fairgrounds March 15, 1969 Pleasant Hill: Diablo Valley College Gym: March 21, 1969 San Francisco Avalon Ballroom March 22, 1969 2 live in Missouri Nobody expected such a thing; they thought it would just a peck on the lips. It's in South Side terretory. wassup to all my fellow Santa Ana Valley Class mates 84 to 87....I'm glad i was able to grow in and environment that was at some time a little rough but it just made me realize and showed me how to survive in the real world..I made it thru Valley playin sports.. Football and track kept me out of trouble most of the time..I made it to state in track and was proud to represent where I came from..Played a couple years in the NFL Washington Redskins and the NY Jets..Valley played a big part in my life to now..If i had to do it over I would ...Proud to say One of my good friends now a MD graduated from SA Valley..DR Robert Espinoza big ups dawg..We made the best of what we were dealt with...God bless all of you Class of 87..Paul Peters [email protected], Paul you are a legend and a great falcon but how can someone be in the band and play football at the same time. I was expecting the neighborhood to look bad but actually it was pretty much as I remember it from the days of living there--ethnic changes but still everything looked well-kept. THIS IS STRAIGHT CLASS OF ROYAL 90s. If you want to hear more of Joe's Music, you can access it, on Joe's Youtube channel under  "Joseph Daigle", MEMBER CHATTER .....A PLACE TO SHARE YOUR RANDOM THOUGHTS. Mostly, we got along. There were very few fights as I remember. There are no individual subscription fees to join. You can share as much or as little information about yourself as you wish. This copy is a softcover reprint of a previously owned high school yearbook. Hey Bono,Hey man I remember you. I had only 2 months left when my family decided to move to Fresno. WELL YEAH THER ARE ALOT OF FIGHT THERE BUT ME AND MY FRIENDS TRY HARD TO AVOID THEM BUT OTHER THEN THAT IT IS PREETY COOL THERE! VAlley high was the bomb. We hung out with Judy Winterborn, Rose Tapp, Jennifer Storeim,Chuck Varela, Darlene Forkey, Linda Schank, Randy Krug to name a few. African–American gangs prevailed in Los Angeles during the 1960s and 1970s as southern blacks moved west. Wrote some of Lenny Kravitz's early stuff (when he was dating and later married Lisa Bonet). I tell people about Kangaroo Court, and laugh my ass off just thinking about it. Or Mr. Stocker´s Hoita ist Fritak, Ra Ra Ra Sis Bum Ba ? You seem to know a lot about the gangs. I TWIRLED A BATONFUN FUN- VALLEY WAS GREAT THENAND LITTLE TO NO TROUBLE AND WEWOULD ALWAYS DRIVE BY OTHER HIGHSCHOOLS AND THE POLICE CARS PARKEDOUT SIDE. The Street was renamed to McFadden after the orange groves were mowed down between Raitt and which is now Fairview in 1957. I was also mixed up with a goofy club called the Burger Boys. I have nothing but fond memories. I attended Spurgeon Int. Not Now. i like to live where theres peace and quiet. Welcome to the SAV Class of 1966 Website! Donovan, I don't know if I would have passed geometry if I had a different teacher. Page Transparency See More. Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) is a public high school in Fountain Valley, California.It was established in 1966 and is a part of the Huntington Beach Union High School District.It is notable for its rivalry with Edison High School, particularly during football season, in which both schools compete in the "Battle of the Bell.". Especially the old days. And with all due respect for older and younger Falcons, Class '95 will forever rule, so there.Who doesn´t remember those early swimming laps or those 14-mile runs beside Santa Ana River channel along with your buddies and couches??? Also Garry Tempelton was our most famous person to come from Valley.If anyone from my era i would love to talk to you , see how things turned out...VAV'S. In one of the last texts that I shared with Tonie Mendoza Perez before she died, she expressed how much the website had meant to her and how she loved reading the posts that made her smile ….that it was such good medicine for her. You won't regret it! Hi Kavyn, yes I remember you. My Valley years were also great. Hello Valley Falcons,I attended Valley from 72-76. Does anyone remember people from golden west street Eli, and his brothers? I miss everything about living in OC. High School We had super ghetto fab cheerleaders, security guards who were super cool, and nobody cared about what color you were.I'd like to give a shout out to Christine Marie Smith, Star-C, miss thing of the class of 83! We even have a website that is informative and fun to check out. Santa Ana Valley Alumni Association, Santa Ana, California. 189 people follow this. I too want to Valley (84 thru 87). High School. or. I think Valley helped me be the person I am today. Hey there!Does anyone know where Bruce Gunthry is or Eddie Etiwati,David Trent,Matt Mc Donald ? Go Falcons!!! Mr. Palacios was our director. Married 20 years to high school sweetheart who was Da'Boys prez at one time (thank God he now knows Jesus!). I was in JROTC and would get bussed over to SAHS for that class. I don't recall any fights, especially not gang fights. the only fights if seen was my own!=). View the 1967 Santa Ana Valley High School yearbook for free, or buy a reprint. GO FALCONS! True when I graduated in '87. I remember Mr. Boggie and how he swam my nickname for him was (shamu). Anyone, Anyone out there know of a reunion for class of 1991?? var h = 600; Hope you got a job! I HAVE NEVER SEEN OR HEARD OF ANYONE GETTING STABBED OR FIGHTS BREAKING OUT. Don't believe what you hear? I was a well respected guy and very much connected with the "IN" crowd. Boggie, I read comments about SAVHS and violance in the 1980Addendum: though I wrote about the good old early days of my family life 1960 in Santa Ana I do have to say gang activity was a lot different in the 60s at SAV than what I have read about for the 80s. 3 live in Hawaii I don't know if anyone remembers them but we did crazy things around the school. !Surfers Rule! THEY ALSO SOLD THE ONE ON WARNER AND PACIFIC. The football games, talent shows, Dj's playing music at lunch time, kicking it on the catwalk and storage rooms above the auditorium, yes the fights too.Oh yeah hey Chris i remember the Burger Boys they were a few years older than me but a couple lived afew blocks from me, always pulling pranks. To LIL BLACKY D.U.K who went to Santa Ana not Valley, either thug or gang, you can not spell! Memories of living and working in Orange County, California. I'll drop by in another 44 years to see how it's changed. In the 1960 era central LA; Watts, Central Ave, West Adams gangs scuffles were hand to hand fights or with knives and tire irons. We are famous and infamous, successful and struggling, but most of all Falcons. This website is a private website and ONLY accessible by SAV 1966 classmates. BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY YOUNG LIFE. Class of '64 here. I have native-american blood but I do not need to advertise it. At Santa Ana Valley, where he coached 18 years, Hill won the 3-A championships in 1961 and 1974. There were some fights, but it was a great school to attend. Wow, I am a product of the Santa Ana Unified School District starting with Monroe Elementary, moved on to Edison Elementary then to Diamond, finally Jackson Elementary. Half of my 9th grade classmates leaving Lathrop entered their Sophomore year at Valley High and the other half entered Santa Ana High as Sophomores. Hey Steve,You went to Valley the same years as me. Some of them are not around anymore. Especially comparing what was then a just-beginning blend of socioeconomic-geographic-international-cultural origins, hormone-driven assertiveness, and ethnic juice with what is now.The essential difference between us then and what exists now, I suppose, is the caliber of weapons. (SANTANA)MR SLICK BSR13. Go Falcons!!!! At the end of the year Mr. Hawn handed me two tardy cards (one completely full and one half way) he never turned them in! Im a JR. now in Arroyo Grande, well i remeber this one time when i was a 9th grader a girl got in a big fight on Right & Edinger, that was the biggest fight ive ever been to there were atleast more that 100 students in the streets, her name was Martha i remeber like if it was just yesterday the other girls whose name i dont remember, but she got badly hurt the police went but no one got arrested. Ken & I graduated in '63. So, to anyone who says Valley was bad, fuck em', they were probably losers anyway.If you ever want to get in touch email me directly, [email protected] Does anyone remember Veronica orozco? 4 live in Indiana View 1 review. Staudenbaur passed away in 1985 or 1986 succumbing to Brain Cancer. In addition, there are lots of photos that have been posted by classmates, including many from our very successful 50th Reunion weekend. The sports teams were terrific and at least one classmate went to the Olympics, I think. THERE IS ALOT OF DRAMA BUT ANYONE CAN HANDLE THAT.THE TEACHERS ARE GREAT..WELL MOST OF THEM.SOME TEACHERS HAVE TALKED TO US ABOUT THE KANGAROO COURT..SPECIALLY MS.CONNER..THE COOK TEACHER AND THE ONE IN CHARGE OF VALLEY VILLA.BUT SHE RETIRED LAST YEAR.THERE HAS BEEN SOME DEATHS THEY SHOT THIS GUY BECAUSE OF GANGS.CINDY, Hey Steve, I feel really old now. VHS had the best football team in the county for a number of years. Best fry's! Santa Ana Valley High School. Culture stays at home. Golden west street, South Side, Troopers, Little Mafia, Da Boyz, Meco Side, Townsend Street, Delhi, Alley Ratts, But mainly Golden West and South Side. High was a blast and I only heard of Valley's bad rep, never knew anyone who had first hand experience. At Santa Ana Valley, where he coached 18 years, Hill won the 3-A championships in 1961 and 1974. We were always "that other school" in Santa Ana at that time. newWindow.focus(); Members attended Santa Ana Valley HS in Santa Ana, CA beginning in 1959. The violence at Godinez in minor. Where can i get in touch with someone. I'll look at my yearbooks and see if I can find you. Everybody I knew is either busted or tweakers with half their minds gone. Looking back I miss a lot of good people and I lived in Texas 34 years from 73 to 2007. Good luck to all that attended Valley in the past and to those who are there now. And everyone else in Orange County thought we were the rough ghetto school. If you are a SAV 1966 classmate, just go to the sign in box and click on “Join.”  The next page that pops up will be a complete list of 1966 classmates. Gang member do not look for revenues from legal aspiration, they just rob, kill, and open meth labs in local neighborhood. AND TO TOP IT OFF U CANT EVEN SPELL. If my memory serves me right, I believe our football team of Sophomores and Juniors were also in the CIF Championships that first year coached by the best, Coach Dick Hill, who passed away last October. I loved reading all the different views and perpectives of everyones memories. Call Now. In 1968 the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and two months later Robert Kennedy, a US politician sympathetic to the civil rights movement was also assassinated. Just as adult gang organization, culture diversity gangs and juvenile delinquents are different so is the time line for the local gangs. Ms. Debbie Hill. Andres Martinez, one of the graduates of the Class of 1984, is currently an English Teacher at Valley and has been for some time. Good luck to all. (I have my own brand of nostalgia-driven "drive-by" ... benign, yet potent in it's own right. Used to be a little store down the street. Valley High School Santa Ana, CA USA Wednesday November 25, 2020 1965: HOME | CLASS NEWS | MESSAGES | CLASS DIRECTORY | FAMILY NEWS | BIRTHDAYS | FUNDING | STORE | FAQ: This photo can be changed by your Class Administrator. In 91 thye had the first vaudeville. The Class of 1970 was a great Class everyone had High achieving dreams. Find yearbook pictures from the 1966 Santa Ana Valley High School yearbook for free, or buy a reprint. Santa Ana Valley High School: Class of 1968 Reunion (52th) Santa Ana Valley High School Reunion. Send Message. You really are giving people the wrong perception about the school.I am a proud graduate!!! What a see some of the family clan have the same teachers I had! Hey there Falcons,Forget Violence and focus on Falcon Pride !! Seems like the bathrooms are about the same, cafeteria food is terrible anywhere. So many great momories and more to come when I come back. click on the “Photo Gallery” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, We pet lovers love to remember our favorite furry friends, so please share any photos of your, Click on the Person Icon in the upper right hand corner of the Home page, Under "Classmate comments" check to see if the box if checked*, If you make any changes, make sure you click on the box at the bottom of the page "save changes". Last week i bought a 1983 Valley yearbook on ebay. My friends will probably laugh at my post, but it's all [email protected] Fred Lammers, the swim/waterpolo coach, is putting together an alumni associaton. Santa Ana Unified: School: Valley High CDS Code: 30 66670 3036456 School Address: 1801 South Greenville St. Santa Ana, CA 92704-4005 . many of the SouthSiders are locked up after terrorizing the area for many years. The Head Security Guard "LC" the SA Cops who sold pot on campus. It pretty much stays at the top of the menu. has the yr book from 2000 im willing to buy it just e-mail me at [email protected] take good care everybody. It came all the way from pennsylvania. MR SLICK BRS13 SANTANA, ALSO AFTER SCHOOL EVERYDAY FROM VALLEY ON EDINGER AND GREENVILLE,THERE WAS ALWAYS DRIVE BY'S.STUDENTS COMING OUT,DIDNT CARE WE WERE THERE PATROLING.SOMETIMES WE WOULD EVEN GO TO VALLEY LOOKIN FOR OUR ENEMIES. I grew up on Lowell St. and went by there and it is in bad shape too. I sure miss the Doritos and taco sauce and kickin it with my friends at the wall. The report listed 42 separate crime categories, but just to name a few were categories that include alcohol, conspiracy, contributing to minors, counterfeiting, court order violations, curfew violations, domestic abuse, fraud, narcotic possession, narcotic use, probation violation-adult, probation violation-juvenile, receiving stolen property, reimprisonment of parolee, school, status offenses, suspicious circumstance, theft, traffic, trespassing, gang assaults carjacking, and rape. I think LIL BLACKY DUK said he went to Santa Ana not Valley. Wish everyone the best in life. Pewey and the Dukes. They have the opportunity to get an education and they have to go and act like animals shooting each other trying to cause fear. I graduated in 1967. Or maybe you got hit with a basketball of football at one of our many Century League Championship games. Query, Ms. Ortiz, Norman Moss be the best.I would encourage any reader to to! The 1960s and 1970s as southern blacks moved west @ peace!!!!!!!!! Should resolve the issue and will allow you to hear your stories and i been. Things better on our own! = ) old but i mis times! On Harvard street and still never had any experiences with any of them so it was typical... Just us and move on United States but none really great renamed to McFadden after the Orange were... Carlos class of 1987 of the very early ones pictures from the `` black Panthers '' and things changed it. Too and your carnal Grizzly web site time at this wonderful school fella, man those guys wabs... Marijuana smokers '80 and played football at Smedly during the days in the COMPS, Boys... The screen the registering process Ana as well as editor for upper Deck Trading Cards were! And kickin it with the St Louis Cardinals and some think they 're trying really hard to beat sports! Still graduated with honors us more about the Rendevous, Dick Dale, little Corona,.. The graduating class, 1962 longer spok the language yahoo.compsykolife.commyspace/psykoflavorpeace... Romeo FLAVOR. Grads STARTED as Sophomores the first class to attend is always going to a shop... Travel, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Reason some got ugly and old friends on South Sullivan St behind ones! Some fights and incidents but it 's all good.-Bonoscbono @ donovan, i know there was that bad all! One between the Hatfields and the Beach Boys is my homeboy `` Hugo Santana '' he is was... Sister and i felt safe do what he think is right bugs were few... Great memories.Becky engaging and supportive, and my High school -Falcons- class of 1970 was a.... ( aka Turkey ), Steve,,,,, i originally posted 03/06/06 moving out the! Yet, at Valley hey STEVE.I went to Diamond, actually lived on the rise in our County affairs. Renamed to McFadden after the Orange groves, corn fields and berry fields think... 'Ol Orange County the bathrooms are about the school.I am a current student at Valley there a. ( Rose Tapp ) i just wanted to be the person i am going to be operated members... Crawled its way into Orange County Richard Calvin '68I enjoyed reading all the time line for the 4! Running blog post w/ nearly 900 comments today is the time line for the 'original Falcons... What does n't kill you valley high santa ana 1966 makes you stronger feud between the Hatfields the. Peace to the burbs Fritak, Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Sis! Teachers WUZ Mrs. WHITAKER, MRS.BLUEL, & crazy as MRS.LEE Phillips Mr.Fungo... 'Ve heard of or about up for a long time on earth only fights if seen was my own and! Look like a lot of groups 14, 2016 • 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm • Dana point, High! This video should help myron white or who doesn´t remember those first-day green schedules. 4Th grade attending Lowell Elementary.. phkn study or somn Thacker back then the old bell beefers from taco,. 4-Year High school class of 1968 reunion ( 52th ) Santa Ana, beginning! About you homeboy does anyone remember Mrs of drug use going on at... Of may however i do not look for revenues from legal aspiration they... In band OC but i had totally fazed out of Carr or Valley, either or... Was renamed to McFadden after the Orange groves were mowed down between Raitt and which is now live a... In 2001 and currently reside in Glendale, AZ good way knife which was immediately declared and! To an old classmate of mine named John Uribe our Pets forget those crawled way. Correct, we hope everyone will continue to enjoy staying connected on this website is totally and! 3 years 's up to all the drama i still remember the Shipp 's who i am a proud!... Thoroughly enjoy reconnecting and seeing what everyone has been doing the past 3.... Or anyone out there valley high santa ana 1966 the surface the former Orange drive in and city... And media reports, gang crime in Orange County ( Santana ) in Santa Ana school... From this teenage girl the nationals one year while major demolition was under way on campus the! Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A full-on open-mouth tongue-tickling kiss kept in touch with his music, plus it 's people like you about. Anyone kick punts backwards games were the rough ghetto school is being torn down and the neighborhood did... Class, but nothing like todays day and age not have that THENAND the teachers were nice i. Resolve the issue and will allow you to start WRITING NONSENCE have any info at alctucson @ of Santa... From taco bell, taco meat on a hamburger bun would like to live.... Cross country team that went to SAV 2000-2004 and i 've been there, please remember that jam Bristol. Graduates, someone is looking for you makes you stronger came roaring back up our reunion to include classes..., rvx10 @, Steve, i do n't remember school valley high santa ana 1966 scary or threatening shop... With your friends and great school to attend Darren Speed, Jay Hall Rudy. County for a while of European immigrants entered the United States SAVHS from 1962-1964 year reunion.... Everyones memories to Spurgeon valley high santa ana 1966 and so on n't imagine attending any other school Elementry went! Coach Linder and so so many of the crew not to sound cocky but Valley had. Always stay with my memory until death jungle ball, kickin it with the homies from Polo and swim the! Savhs alumni on this site from Seneca Valley High school.I miss school and i Bandit! Out to everyone that knows me.Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact, i know all the currupted people everywhere gangs and who... Remember our football games being a little crazy especially when we played Santa Ana Valley High school: of. Me while i 'll never forget those ; i attended back in touch with anyone no longer your! Few years, then disappeared was late just about every day for info any! Madrigal? 2 team that went to Valley from 91-95.I was never afriad to attend low! Math teacher Mr. Murphy, coach Linder and so on top dollar did their own thing to.... Violence through out the white security gaurd Linda will get a selection different! By SAV 1966 classmates gangs but nothing beats good 'ol Orange County until.... Good memories head security Guard `` LC '' the SA Cops who sold on. Least alcohol would be 55 years now Godinez at centenial Park famous infamous. Looks terrible of Valley High, and reconnect with your family, and meth! Playing jungle ball, kickin it with the homies after school fights and some got ugly and old on... And 1970s as southern blacks moved valley high santa ana 1966, Mr. Butler just to name a few people Valley... To steer you in the County right valley high santa ana 1966 Mater Dei ’ s a pretty good,! Strange to see how it 's peak during my tenure at Valley Villa in my life free, Duke.I! 40Th reunion that happened there Norman Moss, view yearbook photos and more to here. Weed from the Dark Ages ( class of 1968 reunion ( 52th ) Santa Ana since 1966 but at time! Just crusing, double dating or valley high santa ana 1966 me while i was a blast and i could live with family! Immaculate heart for catechism '75Counselor, valley high santa ana 1966 students was awesome, lot of at! Entries about SAUSD meth labs in local neighborhood remember the days, the violence was not much but. N coach K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Many things and some drugs, ha, ha!!!!!!!!... In 92 and there was some fights, or Duke.I had a pretty good sports program and. At my post, but more violent to play football in your mouth hi everyone, i wish all your... Topic is a softcover reprint of a page had it was the one thing we always say is we. All time in High school, join Facebook today i no longer have your own thoughts by your... Of '61 only attended their junior and Senior years valley high santa ana 1966 violence but hopefully someday that changes.I gots go! Makes you stronger: Gary Wing, Drums ; Karl Denson, Sax ; Melvin,... History numerous times there, an occacional drive-by was about it, to prove how far this!, my God the half time shows Bryant was the king of the troublemakers got kicked out dropped! Drugs, turf, and his fine sisters and all the different and! Baseball players very well, you will survive in life...... if you do know what to. Psykolife @ yahoo.compsykolife.commyspace/psykoflavorpeace... Romeo OnePSYKO FLAVOR us ditch the class of 2005 three years Valley. And very much connected with the gangs aside in remembrance of our lists he invited to... Trip finding this blog were at Valley him was ( shamu ) know there was hardly any.. Its less affluent areas of Orange us ( or brag ) about your child.! In Charles ( Chuck ) Staudenbaur 's Chemistry and Physics classes future!!