5. Since 1998, eders.com has offered the largest selection archery and hunting equipment at the best prices. You might assume that for a rutting buck, a doe standing by her lonesome, waiting for him to join her, would be the hottest ticket to success. I doubt that buck had ever seen a decoy. She’ll often stomp around indignantly, then try to lead the rest of her clan back off the plot. Follow along as we took out the decoy on a early rut hunt here in Wisconsin! The most realistic coyote decoy available! Around the rut, few archers would think of heading afield without some sort of call in their packs. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. The main reason I don’t like lone-doe setups is that real does don’t like them. Deploy the Boss Buck to entice a territorial trophy buck to come running and fight for his turf... Masters Series™ Boss Babe™ 3D Collapsible Decoy by Flambeau Outdoors®. In general, the more open the habitat, the better for decoying. Get the best deals on Flambeau Deer Hunting Decoys when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. OK, “rules” is too rigid a term. “Deer can decipher 28 different smells in one sniff. The Archer's Choice Plot Pack is the ultimate decoy set for feeding areas-food plots or natural browse. Once I know he’s seen it and is showing interest, I call very little, if any. The Dream Team - with a Whitetail Buck and Dreamy Whitetail Doe decoy - gives... Dreamy Doe 2D Silhouettes Decoy by Montana Decoy®. Copyright © 2018-2021 RECREATIONiD.com. NEVER use on public land or when other hunters may be present. He made no effort to keep his decoys clean and still got a lot of great photos of big, hunted bucks coming right up to them. Don't learn the hard way. He then bumped off a few steps but didn’t bolt. Calling/decoying is 95% getting the right animal to hear/see your calls and 5% the call/decoy. I’ve watched even big bucks bolt upon spotting decoys they felt were too close for comfort. Let’s go with “guidelines.” Which means go by them, but be willing to amend or even ignore them as conditions dictate. And when their first glimpse is at close range, it can spook them. A cooperative animal is key. Position the decoy so that either of these approach angles eventually will result in a close broadside shot. If you put up a decoy long before daybreak, you risk having it approached, and even attacked, as you wait for light. If he goes a few yards behind the fake and stops, it might be the best shot you’ll ever get. Get Free Standard Shipping on all orders over $100.00. To lure in big deer, put a buck decoy in the open and face it in your general direction. When decoying a field or plot, I’ll wait until right at legal light to pop my decoy into place, assuming no deer are in sight. Flash the Antelope... Archer's Choice Plot Buck 2D Silhouettes Decoys by Montana Decoy®. It works great when cattle share the habitat with the game you're after. 4. Every nerd’s dream at the school dance, right? This setup encourages an approaching buck to circle and stop broadside in easy bow range. As with most other whitetail tactics, entire books could be written on this one. The best deer decoy placed in the right location can produce a hunt of a lifetime and lead to a punched tag.There are many variables to consider when planning to purchase and hunt whitetails with a decoy. So most big bucks will come in from the side or swing around in front. his is one seductive decoy. Using the antelope buck decoy is the most effective way to spot and stalk antelope, period. In addition to being the most realistic Elk Decoy they have ever built, your purchase will help you in the field and ensure the longevity of elk and their habitat. Be extra careful to avoid this “too close” error if you’re on the ground, as I often am on hunts for North American Whitetail TV presented by Quick Attach. How far? Boss Buck offers a complete line of gravity, protein and automatic, handing & tripod deer feeders, deer stands, deer blinds and deer feeder parts and accessories. After placing the decoy, don’t forget to spray it decoy down from head-to-tail with a scent-eliminating product. That setup can work. The legs, head, and antlers can all be broken down and placed into the body. Featuring a sturdy, ultra-realistic posture and true-to-life size, rutting bucks-from little... Antelope Buck 2D Silhouettes Decoy by Montana Decoy®. If you live for the heart pounding thrill of calling in aggressive bucks, you need this deer decoy. Most bowhunters have heard of them, and even seen them used on TV hunts, but they aren’t using one themselves. Product Information Grab the most realistic buck decoy on the market: the Masters Series™ Boss Buck™ Whitetail Deer Decoy from Flambeau®. Just sticking a decoy in front of a stand is a good way to educate deer. All rights reserved. I’ve never found that big bucks insist on getting downwind of decoys, as many do when coming to rattling. This also can happen if you leave it up too long at last light. But that’s why I must caution you: It can take serious self-control to keep from burning out a spot. I really don’t want him close enough to spit on. $145.33. So easy to make, this Venison Queso Dip Recipe can be whipped up in as little as 30 minutes. Due to COVID-related disruptions and an extraordinary increase in demand, all orders will be processed in the … You aren’t trying to shoot a doe anyway. My experience has been similar. Skip to main content. Spray both yourself and the decoy thoroughly in order to kill human odor. The true-to-life size and realistic paint scheme tells a lurking trophy buck to trust his... Master Series™ Boss Buck™ Decoy by Flambeau®. Next to spot-and-stalk, decoying is the most exciting archery tactic of all. Miss September Cow Elk 2D Silhouettes Decoy by Montana Decoy®. Around the rut, I’d far rather go bowhunting with one arrow and a decoy than a full quiver but no decoy. When noted hunter, outfitter and writer Fred Eichler uses a decoy,... Eichler Elk 2D Silhouettes Decoy by Montana Decoy®. We usually go down there once a year to explore, shoot, and hunt. She just doesn’t like having a strange lady on her turf. Folks, that’s about as easy as bowhunting big whitetails ever gets. They don’t need other deer to confirm it. Deer Rump 2D Silhouettes Decoy by Montana Decoy®. I like to put a buck decoy at least 22 yards out. In those rare places where the sex ratio is super tight, resulting in a short window of breeding, every doe is getting checked constantly. Based on a carving by award winning sculptor Chris Schiller, the Boss Babe is a buck magnet. Scouting Deer Bedding Areas: Locating, Creating and Observing, Choose the Right Load for Your Muzzleloader, Bacon-Wrapped Venison Jalapeno Poppers Recipe, Wireless Whitetail Work: Moultrie Mobile Does it All, Hanging Stands for Every Phase of the Archery Season, How to Build the Ultimate Arrow for Whitetail, How to Control Predators on Deer Hunting Property, On Target: Tips for Handgun Hunting Accuracy. I’m not sure there is. For the time, effort and dollars invested, no other tactic yields as many good shots. The Spike Elk is a first... Master Series™ Boss Buck™ 3D Collapsible Decoy by Flambeau Outdoors®. There, when the time is right a standing/feeding doe decoy is a real attraction. Schiller and is incredibly easy to transport. In blackpowder hunting, details always matter. Figuring out what the conditions call for is the art of all deer hunting, not just decoying. Using decoys is a great way to directly influence deer behavior and bring them within range to take a well-placed shot. Because nobody had used one on the farm since 2009. Subscriber Services. The Grazing Doe brings a very calm atmosphere to any deer hunting situation. Decoys work for different species for different reasons. Because while I don’t decoy that often, I’ve still had great success over the years. OK, “rules” is too rigid a term. Even an alert deer’s head is much lower than a person’s. Here follows the ultimate guide for hanging bow stands for each phase of deer season. Flambeau Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy – Awesome Decoy To Use During The Rut! This 2-decoy set gives you amazing versatility all... Big Red Cow 2D Silhouettes Decoy by Montana Decoy®. That won’t be every day, and it won’t be every stand. Decoys ; Deer Decoys ; Printable version. All Rights Reserved. Lightweight, easy to use, and fully adjustable from 19" to 29". The majority of the deer decoys we looked at fall within a fairly narrow price range of around $60 to $200.. Two-dimensional: Not surprisingly, the cheapest deer decoys are 2D models – both stalker and stationary types – that cost from $60 to around $100. 3D Target Stand by HME®. Replace the doe decoy with a buck and things tend to go better. What influences whether or not he comes all the way in is more complex. If picking an ideal range, I’d say 25-27. Sure, I want a chip shot if I can get one — but at eye level with a mature buck nearly in my lap, all sounds and movements are magnified. Again, I want to encourage a buck to see the decoy, swing around it to make eye contact with it and, in so doing, offer a good shot angle while looking away from me. When a feisty buck sees what looks like a rival, there’s potential for an aggressive response. 9 watching. Not Using the Decoy I’ll use a lone doe only if I don’t have a buck available. It can be generated using WPCleaner by any user. But we can never be sure just what any buck is thinking. No more charging individual batteries. It's ready to help you bag your elk this fall. With its unique pose, Estrus Betty offers portability without sacrificing realism. I know of a few big deer shot over buck decoys right before velvet shedding and of a few others shot deep in the post-rut. Clint McCoy discusses the advancements in trail camera technology over the years and how the high-tech units available today can help you become a better deer hunter. Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy. There is no better animal to hunt with a decoy than an antelope buck. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. But I’ve seen how much trouble deer often have picking up decoys in timber or brush. It’s imperative to wear both rubber gloves and rubber boots when setting up the decoy. Master Series™ Boss Buck™ 3D Collapsible Decoy by Flambeau Outdoors®. But having live deer around can be helpful. You can clean a decoy with ozone, a spray-on odor neutralizer or even a garden hose. 4.8 out of 5 stars (40) Total Ratings 40, $127.25 New. All manufacturer names, symbols, and descriptions, used in our images and text are used solely for identification purposes only. Schiller, this Flambeau® Boss Buck Deer Decoy realistic whitetail buck decoy comes with 8-point, 120 class antlers. Fill your quiver with the right ammo this season. But you need not be a master decoyer to make it work. Come spring a tom wants to mate, and few things ignite his passion the way the sights and sounds of a breeding opportunity do. Based on a carving by award winning sculptor Chris Schiller, the Boss Babe is a buck magnet. In the evening, I’ll use the same approach. But over time, resident whitetails grow leery of seeing the same “frozen” deer standing in the same spot. Is there such a thing as too open? Free shipping on selected items. But what about the visual fakery? Maybe because it’s often a chore to lug two decoys, few hunters use the deer equivalent of a “spread.” However, I’ve arrowed two bucks while using buck decoys standing over doe decoys. ... Shooter 72200 Big Buck Replacement Core Insert. Maybe with a doe in the setup, but often not. In fact, my friend the late Gary Clancy did just that a number of years ago. Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy One of the biggest brands of deer decoys is Flambeau, and the Grazing Doe Decoy is a model that you can use to attract either does looking to find other does to graze with or bucks looking to mate. The most life-like deer decoy available, the Boss Buck sets the stage for a good ol' rut battle faster than you can say RUT. Deer decoy prices. 3 Flambeau Masters Series Boss Babe Decoy. And over the past few years, many hunters have begun using turkey decoys. I always have a buck decoy face me. The secret of many... RMEF Cow Elk 2D Silhouettes Decoy by Montana Decoy®. Whoever first said life is but an illusion might have just laid down a copy of Vogue. But a doe isn’t what I normally use. Wildlife photographer Mike Biggs once told me that when he began using decoys in his photo setups, he couldn’t tell handling them with bare hands was a negative. The lightest, most portable whitetail decoy they ever made and that's saying something! See for yourself what all the buzz is about. You'll find new or used products in Deer Hunting Decoys on eBay. Flambeau even thought to include two different sets of ears. Mimicking waterfowl and turkey sounds is something with which nearly all whitetail bowhunters can identify. He didn’t follow the script and I duffed the shot at 27 yards. As with rattling and calling, constant decoying in one location tends to grow less effective. Yes, it’s still a “new” deer, but the matriarch seems to accept that he’s an outsider just passing through. After seeing customer success after making realistic turkey and goose decoys, we wanted to see what an accurate deer decoy could do. Threaded post legs and locking lugs for secure assembly and stability Legs, head, ears and antlers fit in body cavity for easy transportation or storage Includes blaze orange carry sling The young buck you educate to a decoy in 2018 could be the giant that keeps his distance in 2020. Big Game Decoys Discover realistic deer decoys at Fleet Farm. Flip through a fashion magazine and you’ll see how drastically someone’s appearance can be altered if enough time is spent and enough cash changes hands. Amazing realism created by award winning sculptor Chris Schiller. A migrating flock might never have seen the pond your spread is on. Featuring a sturdy, ultra-realistic posture and true-to-life size,... Master Series™ Grazing Doe Deer Decoy by Flambeau Outdoors®. Amazing realism created by award winning sculptor Chris Schiller. Where’s the deer decoy? Does it matter which way a buck decoy faces? Muzzleloader season might be your last chance to fill the freezer. Setup and takedown can be tricky.